Aircon MSSB and Punmpset
Aircon MSSB and Punmpset


HV Switchgear
HV Switchgear

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Aircon MSSB and Punmpset
Aircon MSSB and Punmpset


The Macquarie Point Development Corporation is seeking expressions of interest from energy retailers and service providers to supply and operate key environmentally sustainable energy infrastructure at the Mac Point site.

The Corporation is looking to install a District Infrastructure (Energy) Scheme – a centralised energy solution that could include; renewable generation, electricity storage, recycled stormwater and natural gas.

The Expression of Interest is for the guidance of parties
or consortia interested in the development and operation of energy infrastructure and provision of associated services to support the redevelopment of the Macquarie Point site.

For further information, including the list of applicable agreements, please refer to Tender ID MP-20-20 here.

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Transit corridor


  • 24 metres wide

  • more than 500 metres in length

  • Provision for multiple transport options

The Corporation has been working closely with the City of Hobart to put in place the planning rules which support the Tasmanian Government’s development reset, including the provision for the allocation of a Northern Transit Corridor.

The amendments to the Sullivans Cove Planning Scheme 1997 were approved by the Council after a period of public consultation and subsequently by the Tasmanian Planning Commission in October 2019.  Both sets of approvals encompassed the acknowledgement of an easement of 24 metres wide for a transport corridor and the provision of public road infrastructure.

The transit corridor is protected in three ways; through legislation, the planning scheme and a designated easement.


The legislation to provide for a transit corridor through the site was agreed to by both Houses of Parliament, with the title and separate lot, agreed to by Crown Lands, the Department of State Growth and the Corporation and was publicly gazetted.

The Northern Transit Corridor  is part of the Hobart City Deal with $25 million allocated to bring this important infrastructure to fruition and is part of the suite of City Deal initiatives which the Corporation is continuing to support.

The Corporation is currently working with the Department of State Growth and Infrastructure Tasmania to facilitate and investigate future public transport options for the site.