site remediation 



  •  Site remediation consultants appointed​

  • Independent Environmental Auditor appointed 





  • Site remediation strategy finalised



  • Groundwater monitoring and sampling of existing groundwater wells

  • Total Fluid Extraction system installed and commissioned on site


  • Continuing groundwater monitoring and sampling of existing groundwater wells





  • Total Fluid Extraction System for removal of groundwater contamination decommissioned with all groundwater related contamination removed to the extent practicable.

  • Installation of additional groundwater and soil sampling points across site





  • Independent Environmental Auditor certification for Audit Area 1 – The Goods Shed achieved

  •  Final round of groundwater and soil sampling point installations occurs across site.

  • Underground Fuel Storage tanks on site removed

  • City of Hobart issues Planning Approval to undertake site wide remediation program of works

  • Synergy engaged to undertake physical remediation of Audit Area 4

  • Contractor engaged to undertake remediation of former mechanics pit in Audit Area 5

  • Contractor engaged to undertake removal of redundant historical oil and gas pipelines through site

  • Physical remediation works for Audit Area 4 completed

Mac Point's industrial history has been rich and varied; once used as drill halls for the army, an abattoir, a general dump, gas works and then finally becoming the home of Hobart’s rail yards. 


This history has contributed to the many issues and hazards that lie beneath, and understanding the complex nature of how to deal with these issues has been a task the Corporation has undertaken with care.


The Corporation began the task of remediation back in 2014 and is committed to responsibly cleaning up the site for all Tasmanian's to enjoy into the future.


Extensive work has been done onsite to date, with remediation nearing completion.

The Macquarie Point Development Corporation Act 2012, puts in place a higher level of remediation than any other site in Tasmania, with a requirement for sign off by the Environmental Auditor. 



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